Empowering Women in EV Mobility: Drive the Change!


YatriKanya empowers women by teaching two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and four-wheeler driving, promoting mobility, independence, employment opportunities, and gender equality through skill development.

  1. Two-Wheelers (Scooters and Motorcycles): Teaching women how to ride two-wheelers can be particularly beneficial for personal transportation. It can help women travel more conveniently and efficiently, especially in urban areas with traffic congestion.

  2. Three-Wheelers (Auto Rickshaws or Tuk-tuks): Learning to drive auto rickshaws or three-wheelers can provide women with a means to earn a living as drivers, thereby offering economic empowerment. This is especially relevant in countries where auto rickshaws are a common mode of public transportation.

  3. Four-Wheelers (Cars): Teaching women how to drive cars can open up additional employment opportunities, such as becoming professional drivers or using driving skills in various job roles that require mobility.

  1. The YatriKanya initiative might include training programs that cover various aspects of driving, including:

    Basic Vehicle Operation: Teaching the fundamental controls and functions of the vehicles, such as acceleration, braking, steering, and gear shifting.
  2. Traffic Rules and Regulations: Educating participants about traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving practices.
  3. Defensive Driving: Training on how to drive defensively, anticipate potential hazards, and respond effectively to various road situations.
  4. Vehicle Maintenance: Basic understanding of vehicle maintenance and care, including checking oil levels, tire pressure, and basic troubleshooting
  5. Road Safety: Highlighting the importance of wearing seatbelts, using helmets (in the case of two-wheelers), and adhering to safety protocols.
  6. Confidence Building: Helping participants overcome any fears or apprehensions related to driving.
  7. Gender Sensitivity: Promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity on the roads, encouraging both men and women to support each other as responsible drivers.


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