Access up-to-date information on breast cancer, including risk factors, early detection, and treatment options.

Join our initiatives to promote early detection and regular screenings, saving lives through increased awareness.

Connect with individuals who understand your journey, finding emotional support and advice from those who have been through similar experiences.

Stay informed about the latest advancements in breast cancer treatments and therapies, empowering you to make informed decisions

Find inspiration and hope through real-life stories of breast cancer survivors who have overcome challenges and thrived.

Benefit from support groups and counseling services, addressing emotional and social challenges with guidance from professionals.

Contribute to fundraising efforts supporting breast cancer research, treatment, and awareness programs to make a tangible impact.


VSakkhi is a nonprofit community, educational & cultural association to Empower, Educate, Encourage women

We offer a variety of activities groups, Socializing groups, Working Women club Entrepreneur club , Motorbike riding club, Travel Club, Social Activities, Food Mood,